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The Mechanism and Function of High-Voltage Electrostatic Field Energy


1. MechanismHigh-voltage electrostatic field energy around the human body generate high voltage AC electrostatic field. Under the static electric field, the various parts of the body generate subtle vibration and the imbalance in different organs can be fully adjusted. The cells generate corresponding movement with the current cycle, and the intercellular cohesion move towards relaxation. The fluid inside and outside cells (mainly mineral ions such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, etc in the body fluids) re-distribute in accordance with the normal value (ion effect). With the increase of calcium concentration and the reduction of magnesium and phosphorus ions, the shrinkage of muscle and the activity of myocardial cells will be increased; meanwhile, the bone disease will be improved. You will be eliminated fatigue and full of energy.


As potential increase of the cell activity, PH value of the body fluid shift from acidity to alkalescence (pH = 7.3 ~ 7.44); red blood corpuscles, white blood corpuscles and other substances floating in the blood play a regulatory role for hydrogen ion ( H-, H+) in the blood with potential increase. The body's inherent natural healing function can be improved.


The small amount power energy enters into the nerve and lastly enters into the adjustment centrum (hypothalamus) of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system and enable it to get new vitality.


2. Function(blood purification, blood vessel softening, detoxication)

◆Generate ionized phenomenon around the surface of human body and atmosphere;

◆Regulate potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, chloride, calcium ion of the body’s fluids and re-allocate them according to the normal value;

◆Increase calcium content of the body fluids, and enhance PH value postponed function;

◆Balance blood pressure, lower blood lipid and blood viscosity, purify blood, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, keep blood PH value weak alkaline;

◆Regulate optic nerve fatigue, and enhance nerve conduction function;

◆Regulate intracellular and extracellular potassium, sodium and chloride by concentration gradient, enhance the permeability of cell membrane

◆Activate metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of fat;

◆Regulate sympathetic and parasympathetic balance;

◆Promote fracture healing and reduce bone calcium loss

◆Eliminate fatigue, weakness, sore shoulder symptom;

◆Promote bowel movement, enhance gastrointestinal emptying function, promote urination;

◆Enable brain to get new vitality, regulate endocrine disorder;

◆Eliminate abnormal brain wave and brain magnet, improve sleep environment and sleep quality, eliminate headache and dizziness etc;

◆Aerobic exercise: What people use 20 minutes is the same as outdoor aerobic exercise for 2 hours.


The Mechanism and Function of High-Voltage Negative Field Energy


1. MechanismHigh-voltage negative field energy around the human body generate high voltage negative electric field. High-voltage negative field energy enable the human body to generate electrostatic induction and polarization effect, and fully replenish the body’s static rest management. 


Each cell is just like a capacitor. High voltage negative filed energy make negative potential full of energy instantly and act on the whole body. The body will store large negative potential energy. It is used for balancing the harmful positive ions (H+ etc.) and keep static potential-90mVof the cell. The potassium, sodium and chloride ions are re-allocated according to concentration gradient, and the permeability of cell membrane gets enhancementAs negative ions increase, the PH value of the body fluid shift from acidity to alkalescence.


High voltage negative field energy break original charge distribution and redistribute it. The organization ingredients such as water, electrolyte, colloid molecule etc generate a series of biophysical, chemical changes and thereby promote the change of physiological function and pathological condition of tissues and organs, thus further enhance the regulatory function of the body, adaptation, nutrition, immune function and metabolism. 


2. Function

◆Add human anion, enhance human bio-electric energy;

◆Repair pathological potential of cell membrane, make cells maintain a polarized state;

◆Excite parasympathetic, regulate autonomic nerve disorders;

◆Activate gamma globulin, enhance immunity, improve the body's natural healing ability;

◆Eliminate vasospasm, inhibit secretion of sympathetic elements, activate vascular biological closed circuit, balance blood pressure;

◆Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, hypnotic, and promote wound healing, eliminate skin irritation and itching symptoms, make the skin shiny and flexible;

◆Release electrons and reduce radicals;

◆Promote ATP synthesis, activate cells and enzyme function, activate enzyme activities; hasten decomposition of carbohydrates, protein, fat and other substances;

◆Promote metabolism, promote oxidation-reduction;

◆Reduce the burden of liver, activate gastrointestinal cells, speed up decomposition of excretion of the waste;

◆Regulate human body biobalance, eliminate “magnetization” state;

◆Increase blood oxidation, maintain blood acid-base balance

◆Improve pulmonary ventilation function, increase mucous secretion, increase lung capacity.


The Mechanism and Function of Low-Voltage Electrostatic Field Energy


1. MechanismLow-voltage electrostatic field energy around the human body generate low voltage electrostatic field. It effects on the whole body by the electric field. 


2. Function

◆Regulate cerebral cortex, autonomic nervous system and endocrine system function;

◆Eliminate the fatigue caused by manual and mental labour, improve work efficiency;

◆Enhance memory, improve sleep, eliminate headaches and dizziness;

◆Balance blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity, accelerate decomposition of sugar;

◆Enhance the body response capacity and environmental adaptability;

◆Regulate serum protein A / G (albumin, globulin) ratio, increase sodium, calcium, and gamma globulin of the serum, reduce potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and albumin.


The Mechanism and Function of High-Frequency Field Energy and Sleep Field Energy


1. MechanismNatural electric field is the most important environment which mankind depends on for survival. The ever-changing nature lead to imbalance of human biological field, physiological and psychological function barriers, recession of the overall function.


Our high potential therapy instrument uses cutting-edge technology and gets high-speed vibration frequency acting on the human body. The frequency will spread around the body soon and generate steady high-frequency bionic electric field. The stable potential can focus on the whole body and keep balance of biological energy (heat, electricity, mechanical energy, chemical energy, etc). It will completely replenish dynamic exercise energy of the human body.


High-frequency field energy can generate 72kHz subtle vibrations per second, which equal to 72,000 times positive and negative stimulation (massage) acting on body cells per second. This will increase vitality and enhance metabolism. The subtle vibrations can generate thermal effects in the body (body temperature rise 1 ~ 2 ), systemic blood flow, circulation increase, immunity improvement, fat burning, losing weight, reducing fatigue and delaying senility. Just like a hot spring bath.


2. Function(activate cells, add energy, relieve nerves)

◆Generate thermal effects, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation;

◆Relax channels and collaterals, dissipate blood stasis;

◆Burn fat, lose weight;

◆Increase the blood, reduce sub-health state such as fatigue and asthenia etc.;

◆Activate cells, add human potential, reduce radicals.