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The Serious Defects of Illegal Software

Recently, it appears on a lot of fake the 3rd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzers at the market. The illegal copies mainly pirate our the 2nd generation software and add so-called more than 35 or 36 or 37 reports. Their ultimate purpose is to sell at the market as the 3rd genuine products and earn huge illegal profit. We are now listing the serious defects of illegal software as follows:


Our company has redesigned all reports for the 3rd generation software. We make the scientific division and recombination for all reports, however, the illegal software is unable to recombine and divide.


       1. Reduplicated Reports

Trace Element Report of Legal Software                        Trace Element Report of Illegal Software      


Vitamin Report of Legal Software                              Vitamin Report of Illegal Software       


The legal reports are not reduplicated. The Testing Item under Trace Element is more than legal software. The contents of Trace Element Report and Vitamin Report of illegal software are reduplicated.


       2. Conflicting Results

There are many each other duplicated Testing Item in the illegal software. And Normal Range and Testing Result are different for the same Testing Item.   


Trace Element Report “Lead” of Illegal Software                  Heavy Metal Report “Lead” of Illegal Software     

The “Lead” shows “Mildly Abnormal” in the illegal Trace Element Report but the “Lead” shows “Normal” in the illegal Heavy Metal Report. The Results are totally different, it’s self-contradictory.


3. The new reports of illegal software are not accurate, and cannot integrate into comprehensive report

The so-called new reports of illegal software mostly show “Normal” and very few abnormal status. Even “Abnormal”, it also cannot integrate into the Comprehensive Report.


Coenzyme Report of Legal Software                            Coenzyme Report of Illegal Software


      Eye Report of Legal Software                                       Eye Report of Illegal Software  




     4. The new reports of illegal software are temporarily piece together and self-contradictory.

        Most of them has no “Parameter Description”.

“Normal Range” of “Actual Testing Results” is not completely consistent with the following “Reference Standard” .



In addition to pirate our new added the 3rd generation reports, the illegal companies also temporarily piece together some other reports. They called the reports are more than our company. But the so-called reports have no any parameter interpretation and description, it was just only for increasing the quantity of reports. So    we can imagine the accuracy of the illegal copies. More ridiculously, it even can test TCM channels and meridians based on Western Medicine theory. 




The Testing Result of the above new added reports always shows “Normal”. No “Parameter Description” at all. 


Serious Defects of Illegal Software.pdf