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How to tell the true from the false for Quantum Magnetic Analyzer
Cobjack Industrial Corporation only produces quality products with Holtek, Atmel MCU and superior PCBs, currently Meridian Diagnostic Analyzer and Quantum Magnetic Analyzer are our main products and it was proved that has a good selling at the market.
Recently, we found that some illegal copies was shown on the B2B and other websites, especially the illegal copy come from Beijing. The illegal copy was selling at a very low pricing and it has the same appearance with the legal product.  How to distinguish the difference between legal and illegal product ? Be noted that the illegal product takes inferior PCBs and Integrated Circuits.  All methods of fabrication of Stamping,  Moulding, Rolling, Drawing and Bending are very coarse and the spare parts and accessories such as the testing rod, USB cable, manual book, encryption lock etc. are unqualified. Based on  these, the parameters of testing will not be accurate. Many customers who lost know the truth have been deceived since the full of acts of piracy.
We are now sharing with our cusotmers how to distinguish the genuine product from illegal product for the quantum magnetic analyzer.
Here is the first illegal copy.

The appearance of the illegal product has changed now. We almost cannot find any difference compared with the genuine product. So it can not only distinguish from the appearance. The earlier version of the illegal copy is 1.2, what's more, the illegal copy takes the same version ID with the genuine product now.
i.e. if the legal copy develops the new version 1.9.9 and the illegal copy will imitate the same version ID 1.9.9. Somehow, the illegal copy is just illegal. After we open the software and we will tell the true from the false.
Contrast 1:
In view of many factors such as some conflicts and possible hidden dangers which Chinese health products compared with the prescription, we have deleted the "EPC Prescription Management" in the software. So the fourth column "EPC Prescription Management" has been changed to "Expert Advice" in the legal software. The illegal copy still uses "EPC Prescription Managment" of the old version 1.2

The following is the screenshot of illegal copy.
The following is the screenshot of legal copy.
Contrast 2:
The legal copy has the "Compositive Report", it may match with related products for the testing result. It's also very necessary and important for the equipment users. No "Compositive Report" in the illegal software.
Here is the legal copy.

Here is the illegal copy.
Contrast 3:
The inner core of the genuine software 1.8.5 or later was readjusted and its accuracy was greatly improved.  The illegal copy is absolutely not like this, thus the testing result will be completely different for the same testee within a period of time. Our genuine software 1.8.5 only has a small difference, it shows the accuracy of our technology. The illegal copy still hasn't stolen our core technology from our company.
Contrast 4:
Choose the installation file of the installed CD and check the size of the database file. The database file is 34330KB in the genuine software 1.8.4 version; The database file is only 2612KB in the illegal copy 1.8.4
So small database capacity, how to talk about the accuracy ?
The installation screenshot of genuine software 1.8.4.
The installation screenshot of illegal copy 1.2
Contrast 5:
We have opened up a new website against rampant and unscrupulous piracy and all software can be downloaded and upgraded from the website. If the analyzer and encryption you bought can not be used after install our genuine software, we are very regretful to inform you that you have purchased the illegal copy from other trading company. So cheap things aren't always the best.
For the genuine quantum magnetic analyzer and meridian diagnostic analyzer, not only we can OEM the interface of the hardware but also the customized software according to customer's special requirements. i.e. We can add or adjust parameters and preferences such as skin testing index and beauty report setup etc. 
We have now served many large-scale domestic beauty and direct selling enterprises and developed their own meridian analyzer and quantum analzyer for them. If you are a custmer who seek product quality and pay attention to business with integrity, pls remember the self-help legal software downloaded and upgraded website provided by Cobjack Industrial.