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Meridian Diagnostic Analyzer t is one of the most secure, most convenient and most accurate diagnostic system to get physical energy and health status. It can diagnose the change of physical energy and health status by sensor measuring human body resistance value of 24 meridian acupuncture points according to Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory combined with  Modern Medical Technology and Computer Technology. The system can create personal track files for the testee to understand the physical changes and the prevention. It also can formulate a comprehensive care treatment, home skin beauty, and health care guidance to replenish physical energy timely and correctly in order to solve all kinds of internal problems. The Meridian Analyzer can be connected to  computers to conduct detailed test analysis and print out the test analysis report and recommendations.

Sub-health is culprit of aging and diseases

What is a sub-health? We usually say suffering from a disease, the "illnesses" and "diseases" of the ancients means different things. "Illness" refers to a small imperceptible disease (illness) if you do not take effective measures and it will be developed to a visible extent, they call them "sick". Modern Science called this state of suffering from disease "sub-health" or "third state", also said "not sick" in Traditional Chinese Medicine. "Not sick" is not a disease-free, nor is it visible to serious illness but Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood, Zang and Fu imbalance of the body emergence according to Chinese medicine views. Our ancestors were already aware that in addition to actively seek out the way to eliminate diseases, but also accumulated a lot of measures to prevent illness if there is illness.

"Canon of the Emperor" has said: "Saints will take preventive measures to prevent disease and will not been injured. The consequences not following harmonious way will form the disease. If disease has been formed and then drugs, it's just like to treating unrest community and then manage the laws. Thinking of sinking a well as thirsty and casting weapons as fighting a war, isn't already too late ? " It can be seen clearly that our ancestors have recognized the importance preventing disease should be "Keep something for a rainy day"

Based on World Health Organization (WHO) new concept about health, sub-health can be divided into:



(A) Body Sub-health

According to the body's organizational structure and organ system, it can be divided into neuropsychiatric system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, bone and joint system, genitourinary system, respiratory system, endocrine system, special senses and other sub-health state. It is mainly for diseases of unknown cause or causes of excluded diseases:

1) physical fatigue, weakness, whole body discomfort. Decline in sexual function and menstrual cycle disorders;

2) discomfort, but it's difficult to diagnose the "indefinite statements syndrome";

3) the pre-clinical manifestations of certain diseases (diseases pre-state);

4) "syndrome of unknown causes," such as menopausal syndrome, neurasthenia syndrome, fatigue syndrome, it is difficult to clarify its pathological significance;

5) some pathogen carrier state: such as pathogenic carriers of hepatitis B, tuberculosis carriers, some virus carriers, etc.;

6) some clinical examination of the high and low limit state, such as lipids, blood pressure, heart rate and other high status; calcium, potassium, iron and other low status etc.;

7) highly pathogenic risk factor status, such as overweight, smoking, excessive tension, dyslipidemia, blood sugar, high blood pressure and so on.


(B) Psychological Sub-health

Mainly manifested in unexplained mental fatigue, affective disorder, thought disorder, panic, anxiety, low self-esteem, as well as nervousness, apathy, loneliness, reckless, even suicidal thoughts, etc.;

(C) Social Adaptation Sub-health

Outstanding performance: too hard to reconcile interpersonal relationships; too hard to adapt to working, living, learning environment. The role of social dislocation and the inadaptability are the concentrated expression of social adaptive sub-health;

(D) Sub-health of Ethics

Mainly manifested that there is a clear deviation of loss to others and ourselves about world outlook, views on life and values. Studies have shown that populations generally consistent with WHO standards only about 15%; there are all kinds of illness accounts for only 15%; while the third sub-health status of those accounts for 60% -70%. Although they reduce the vigor, dysfunction, but no clear disease, while still able to maintain their normal work, study and life, resulting in neglect and neglect prevention, he served as its slow and gradual development, and eventually will inevitably lead to disease.

(E) Test our Third Status



1, with 2-3 total items, indicating that the third state;

2, with 4-6 total items, that is a serious third state;

3, with more than 7 total items, indicating that the disease has reached the edge.

The human organism has a range of adaptive capacity, the third state can tend to the health, but also crashed into the disease. If you are already in or is about to enter the third state, as long as you adopt a scientific way of life, through diet, physical and mental nursed back to health, environment change, and body's oxygen supplement, expelling pathogenic factors, you will be able to eliminate the third state, as soon as possible back to the first state to become healthy people.


Pls see the  Guidence Book  and  Five Elements Chart  and  Manual Book  and  Operation Video  for more detailed information.  (email for downloading)



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